As a clinician who primarily works with clients through complex health cases, it is my belief that when therapeutically influencing health that we require nutrients at therapeutic doses.  It is near impossible to achieve optimal nutrient intake from our food alone.

To consider that we are living in a toxic environment, where 250 chemicals adverse to human health can be measured with the umbilical chord even prior to birth. The reality is that this is a world of toxic extremes, dealing with chemicals from inside the home and our food supplies 24/7. Our bodies are not designed for this measure, and can only cope for so long before it breaks down at the weakest genetic link.  

Are all supplements the same?

No, they are certainly not! When it comes to the quality of supplements, we generally get what we pay for. Most good quality supplements average at £35 per supplement. There are of course some fantastic supplements on the market that cost considerably more than this.

In clinical practice, to make the differences I seek for in the health of my clients I choose to only ever use the very best supplements available on the market.  Your body WILL know that you are getting a good supplementation and reward you with results in a matter of weeks or days.

How long can I expect to be on the recommended supplementation?

The effects of most supplements should be felt well-within the first 21 days.

However, Nutritional Therapy is rarely a straightforward or predictive process and therefore it is not possible to predict how long an individual should require supplementation.  

It may be possible to estimate the length of time a supplement could be required to support a specific organ / biological system.

When supplements are used as directed then it is perfectly normal to use a supplement for 4-6 weeks only before moving on to another priority supplement.  In some cases regenerative work can take up to two years.

What do you mean by ‘effects should be felt’?

This describes ‘change of symptoms in some description’.Examples of this could be an easing of symptoms, or it could even infer an increase in symptoms. Both qualify as change, and therefore a degree of influence in the organ / system of focus. 

When NO effect is experienced then it is likely that the supplement is not a priority for the client. 

Does this mean that when no effect is being felt should I just stop the supplement?

No, as there are always exceptions to this rule. 

Also, please note that supplements can work synergistically, therefore it is important to consult with your nutritionist before stopping any of the recommended supplements.

Some supplements are regenerative rather than simply nutrient based.  What this means is that they require a period of longer time for their regenerative properties to be harnessed.  This is true for all glandulars such as pancreas, adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus, lung, intestinal glandular. 

When you say ‘it could even infer an increase in symptoms’, this sounds worrying.  I did not start nutritional therapy to feel worse! Please explain?

Of course you would not expect to feel worse. 

However, this can easily occur due to excretion pathways being blocked or compromised.

Since we do all hold toxins within our bodies, some people store more toxins than others. 

Individuals who struggle with clearing toxins from their body is usually a genetically driven issue.   Detoxification is likely to be tricky for these individuals and needs to be adequately supported via supplementation.

I am not sure about swapping mid-way with the supplementation, is this a good idea?

Our biochemistry is never static, therefore the supplements recommended will usually have a life-limit to their optimal use.  This may be 21 days or it may be 6 months or longer.  It is not recommended to keep taking supplements beyond their use.

Swapping supplementation when recommended is always advantageous.

I see that the dosing recommendations exceed those stated on the pot, is this safe?

Yes, this is completely safe as long as you keep to the recommended length of dosing too.   The recommended length of dosing can be spotted to the top right of the supplement protocol page.

Supplements by law must provide RDA guidelines.  These guidelines are ultra-cautious, to take into account the entire population, from the convalescing to the aged.   

I see that a specific supplement is no longer on my recommended list, have you decided to take this out? Or did you leave it out by mistake?

All the supplements that you were previously advised to take from within your last/previous session will be checked during the next/following session.  Where supplements have been omitted in EVERY circumstance THEY SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN.

There is an Asterix next to the supplement, I do not know if I should be re-ordering this?

An Asterix ‘*’ indicated the supplement should be discontinued once the pot runs out.

There is a supplement on my list that has not arrived in my order!!

First, before contacting via email, please-please check on your delivery note.  If it is there, it may also say ‘on back-order’.  This will be the case when the supplement is out of stock, awaiting stock in the near future. 

OMG!! My supplements smell!!! Is this normal?

I’m afraid that because the supplement used are not filled with flavouring and sugars they will arrive in their more natural state.  Some supplements are offensive to some people while not others.  This I find difficult to predict since I’ve found any particular product could be one man’s favourite, and another’s worst taste ever!!

The top smellies are:

          • Intenzyme Forte
          • Ca/Mg Butyric acid
          • Sulphur containing products
          • Warrior Blend, Natural
          • Dynamite Adrenal

I have questions which arise between sessions, is it best to email the questions as they come up, or save them for the session?

Questions are best kept to consultation time since I will need to open and refer to your File in order to answer them.   However, when a number of questions arise telephone consultation time can also be of benefit and scheduled. 

How do I support myself after supplementation?

This is to be discussed as part of nutritional consultation. All cases are different.