How to Detoxify Elegantly and Intuitively

We are all living in a toxic world, and therefore by default we can all benefit from routine detoxification.

Within a previous post I have touched upon why some people have an increased requirement for detoxification. Whether there is genetic, lifestyle or environmental implications, it is true that there are some who require daily detoxification support whilst others can get away with routine cyclical detoxification perhaps 2-4 times a year.

Heavy metals are of particular issue in the 21st century. Since we are living within an epidemic of heavy metal environmental over-whelm, therefore with my Naturopathic Nutritional hat on personally I choose to view daily detoxification as a way of life.

However there are two pillars to detoxification. With the second pillar being; nurture.  A lack of nutrients at source (from within our soil) to support and boost our detoxification systems means we should also be paying close attention to supplementing with the appropriate range of nutrients.

These two pillars ‘detoxification and nurture’, complete every home maintenance programme.  With correct nutrients plus regular cleansing we can keep our self healing mechanisms strong and clean.

And the good new is, no disease can thrive inside a clean body!


Clean body, clean emotions, clean mind:

  1. Detox each day
  2. Exercise each day
  3. Love your family and laugh each day


Step one:

Step one always has to be Clean the Colon. By this I am referring to the Large Intestine.

Include some cleansing pectins, gums and clay; modified citrus pectin, psylium husks, slippery elm, bentonite clay.

Include some anti microbial supplements; humic acid, grapefruit seed, takuna, berberine, uva ursi.

Clean out any parasites; use wormwood, black walnut.

And physically clean the colon with colonic hydrotherapy 2-4 times a year.

Step two:

Clean the urinary tract and kidneys.

My favourite cleansing agents for the kidneys; NRF2 Renew, Clear Away Cofactors, parsley, asparagus, marshmellow root and lots of purified water!

To support kidneys by taking the stress of homeostasis think about including ionic minerals in your water such as E-Lyte.

Step three:

Clean the liver.

Our livers are complex work horses with differing strengths and weaknesses in each of us.  For instance it is largely down to our livers whether we go grey early or late in life.  Genetically coded from birth, but not scripted. Meaning, we don’t HAVE to go grey, just because the propensity is there.

There are number of different clearance pathways within our livers, with liver cleansing being the best way to boost over-all function. 10-15% increased productivity comes from cleansing the liver, which I can feel instantly when I get the cleansing right for me.

My all time number 1 has to be Coffee Enemas.  At they boost the glutathione pathway.  My GST GSP enzyme are non-existent, and the reason why I started to go grey in my early 40’s.

2, has to be Liposomal glutathione

3 Chanca piedra, keeping my gall-bladder and liver grit free.

4. Calcium D Glucarate for the gluconidation pathway, mine seems especially poor.  Poor glucoronidation results in estrogen build-up, which as we all know can contribute to a pre-cancerous picture.

5. Other forms of Sulphur such as MSM, and NAC especially NAC from Biomedica is great.  Selenium also helps  as Selenium converts to NAC, along the Glutathione pathway.

6. Malic acid to widen the ducts of the biliary tree, so as long as you are not struggling with candida get those organic apples in daily.

The mini liver cleanse:

Day 1; Liquidise a lemon and lime with a 6 oz cup of water, some ice cubes, 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1 x clove of organic garlic and 1 x chunk of ginger.

Day 2; Liquidise a lemon and lime with a 6 oz cup of water, some ice cubes, 2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 x cloves of organic garlic and 2 x chunks of ginger.

Day 3; Liquidise a lemon and lime with a 6 oz cup of water, some ice cubes, 3 Tbsp olive oil, 3 x cloves of organic garlic and 3 x chunks of ginger.

Adding in to this cleansing start to the day, you can include beetroot, carrots, lemon and avocado to your lunch for further cleansing.  Although all vegetables will support your liver to go for broad spectrum of colour rather than mono selective.

Step four:

Clean the lymphatic system:

Foremost, stay hydrated and include electrolytes in your water.

Once we have fluid in the system we can then manipulate it with any of the following:

  • Daily skin brushing
  • Daily rebounding on a trampette
  • Daily or weekly hot and cold showers.

When deep cleansing needs to be supported then consider once a week Peat Mud Baths, and the herbal blend Essiac discovered and formulated by Caisse.

The 7 toxicity challenges:

After all this your system should have a reduced burden of 7 toxicity challenges:

  1. Systemic; heavy metals or pesticides
  2. Persistent organic pollutants such as xeno-estrogens
  3. Opportunistic viruses
  4. EMF’s such as Magnetic and radiation
  5. Emotional and psychological stressors may surface but also dissipate with detoxification.
  6. Your food choices will be cleaner.
  7. Lastly, take time to nourish yourself spiritually by centering yourself daily.

So when it comes to health and healing there is no such thing as ‘Static’ in your Wellness Programme.  We are either actively getting better or progressively getting worse.

There are of course by-products produced as a result of the the work we do on our bodies.  Cleansing can be intensive and demanding, producing toxins within as result.

One way for the body to shake of toxin load and anti-body bi-products is for our immune systems to push us into a fever. This sense of being ‘unwell’ is also known as the Herxheimer effect.  This fever is your body’s attempt to shake off toxins and kick-start the immune system.

Supporting your immune system through detox:

We can take immune supportive supplements to enhance immunological support during these challenging time, or as part of a long term maintenance programme.

Some of my favourite immunological compounds:

  • Beta-glucans from mushroomsl Reishi, Corycepts; Shitakii
  • Laktoferrin, ImmunoGG

Support oxidative stress during detox

Oxidative stress can be damaging to our genes as it has the power to ‘switch them on and off’.  Some people are genetically predisposed to oxidative stress more than others therefore during a detox it is wise to take additional precautions.

Some of my favourite anti-oxidant protective supplements:

  • Tocomin
  • NRF2 Renew
  • Green tea
  • 85% dark chocolate

Protecting the NRF2 pathway with; chocolate, green tea, tumeric taken with black pepper, resveratrol, berries, grapes, red wine, sulphuraphane, cruciferous vegetables.  This all supports the ARE response, which in turn protects the whole genome.

Flooding the body with Light!

We don’t really know the full benefits of light.  With so much scare mongering around the toxicity effects of light with free radical damage we ignore the innate healing light can bring in to our cells.

For me, this is one further component when it comes to detoxification. 

Attracting Light into our bodies in the form of light enhancing super foods is highly recommended.  So how do we invite light into our cells?

Green foods have a way of bringing light into the body, since it is captured sunlight with the leafy green anatomy of the plant.  Chlorophyll is said to be the same molecular structure as hemoglobin, with the exception of the magnesium molecule at the centre, rather than iron at the centre. The chlorophyll then travels to our mitochondria in the form of ‘captured sunlight energy’, photo-energising the krebs cycle, also keeping oxidative stress down.  

However, my favourite method for inviting Light into our bodies has to be via the Budwig Diet! 

Having discovered the pioneering work of Joanna Budwig 15 years ago I have continued to use her valuable recipe within my own health regime, as well as recommending it for many clients. 

Joanna Budwig discovered that by blending Flax Oil with Quark (or you can use Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese), the sulphur bond from within quark blends extremely well with the oil.  Creating a complete food for our bodies to recognise, and a vehicle to integrate the oil into our cellular membrane. 

Without this vital sulphur bond, flax oil when ingested can wreak havoc. Since it is a highly volatile oil prone to rancidity, and therefore readily initiates a free radical cascade.

Think about how flax oil is added to paint to create a ‘quick drying’ effect. 

This is entirely due to the highly volatile nature of flax, and how it invites oxygen into itself.  Beneficial for drying paint quickly! And, when integrated correctly this higher influx of oxygen can be beneficial to our cells too.  

But, when we manufacture the oil, we separate the oil from the protein.  And it is within the protein that we find the sulphur component.  Once the oil has been separated from its protein counter-part, the oil is no longer able to be made useful within the body.

Therefore, by blending flax oil with the Greek yoghurt or Quark this completes the sulphur bond and the oil becomes once again useful. 

The second piece to this is when the oil has been properly integrated into our cellular membrane. 

Due to the high number of double carbon bonds existing within the structure of the flax oil we now have the perfect vehicle to invite in Light to the trillions of cellular membranes within us

The lock and key of this being that surrounding the double carbon bonds within the fatty acid chain gathers electron clouds.  And lots of them! Electrons then attract protons. Protons being sunlight. We therefore invite a huge influx of Light (protons) into our bodies when consuming the Budwig  Flax cream. 

Joanna Budwig was in no doubt a pioneer, with her knowledge, wisdom and message ultimately suppressed by the the slimming industry in the 1940’s.  Slimming World had it’s agenda, in alliance with the margarine companies at this time, the message was fixated on Margarine being the ultimate slimming fat! However this is not what the science tells us, since corrupt fats corrupt cellular membrane by diametrically opposing the fluid nature of our cell’s membrane. This inadvertently clogs up the receptor sites for healthy fats too, blocking the use of healthy fats.

When double carbons are corrupted by high heat they change formation and are never able to revert back to their original healthy formations.  The corrupt formation then exists in place of the healthy formation within the cellular membrane. Further blocking mineral passage whilst trapping heavy metals within our cells.

The damage from eating margarine and heat treated volatile oils is no less than immense.

Rule of thumb. Any oil that should be liquid at room temperate should remain liquid when in your body. Otherwise you are literally jamming up your cell membrane with something that should not be there.     

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Why should you consider your genes?

As a nutritionist we are privileged to work with a variety of client cases. Variety brings comparison. And with that, an informed understanding over time, that by applying the same protocol to the same condition in different individuals, we do not bring about the same results.

The question then has to be asked, Why?

When I first began to ask this question I discovered environmental toxins such as heavy metals, glycophosphates, herbicides, pesticides all from varied and multiple sources. The air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat can all be a source of contamination.

Then, some years later I came across the importance of viruses.  How viruses implicate auto-immune conditions and therefore obstruct healing as they change the relation our first line of defence has with our biological systems.

More recently I discovered another layer, parasites.  For the sake of not repeating you can link to my previous post on the three shields here.

However all of these areas of health are concerning. especially when complex health conditions have manifested.  And are NOT shifting!

So the question is Why?

I am one to never settle for the patient who doesn’t get better.  I believe nothing is random…

Genetic predisposition lies within the differences between how biological systems respond to heavy metals, parasites and infections.  All of it is valid, each part potentiating the final genetic expression and therefore health outcome.

Let’s start with, what genes do:

Simply put, they follow orders.  Meaning that the information we deliver to the gene (in the form of our thoughts, dietary choices, breathing patterns, sleep patterns etc) is then taken and they then make it happen.  Genes simply inadvertently do what we ask them to do, therefore it’s up to us to put in good orders.

Putting in orders:

Putting in the orders comes in the form of ‘how we are and what choices we make’.

When we are calm, cool and collected, our genes will have more nutrients available to complete the usual tasks. The result might be that we convert serotonin to melatonin and then we sleep better, or at least promptly when the lights go out.

We we are frazzled and anxious, we rattle through magnesium using it up more rapidly, inhibiting the conversion of methionine to SamE and therefore without the donor SamE Serotonin cannot be converted to melatonin and we do not sleep as well.  This is just one example.

One of the other task genes have to do is that they make enzymes.  Which in turn get rid of things like environmental pollutants such as Bisphenol A, a carcinogen.

The more demand of our genes, in terms of resources the more our genes are tied up, pre-occupied dealing with these additional challenges. And therefore the less able our genes are able to deal with their original roles.  Such as converting seratonin to melatonin.  Or converting toxic substances such as homocysteine to the powerful antioxidant glutathione.

Homocysteine is just one by-product of a normal biological function. Therefore it is a normal toxicity compound produced by the body under completely normal circumstances.

The same gene responsible for lowering homocysteine is also used for clearing the heavy metals Lead and  Thallium from the intestines.

Conversely, the more we give our genes a break, the more they can restore themselves.

Eating junk food or poor quality foods, going to be late all places additional challenges on your genes.  So with in mind, we can know our genetic predispositions, in terms of the outcome of our SNP’s are fluid and malleable rather than fixed.

Factors within the environment which influence our genetic outcome are environmental toxins  They are everywhere and unavoidable to an extent.  The choices we make either increase this challenge or lessen it. But the fact remains non of us are immune to the exposure of heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

And heavy metals are so heavy that they really do put pressure on the genes giving them much extra work, thus slowing them down.

An apt example of this has been provided by Ben Lynch; he says that it is like when you are at a restaurant and order a meal.  But then you don’t get the meal because the chef is so busy putting a fire out in the kitchen.  He says that heavy metals and environmental pollutants are like the fire in the kitchen.  Our genes can’t do their usual work because they are so busy dealing with heavy metals AKA putting the fire out.  The gene nolonger cares about lowering homocysteine, because they are so caught up in  dealing with the additional exposure to pollutants.

We have 19,000 genes in the human body give or take.  With 1000’s known to be impacted directly by heavy metals.  The consensus in current thinking is that ALL of them are influenced indirectly.

Other examples of what happens when our genes are compromised: Hydrogen peroxide is produced by stress, a pro-oxidant, required by our body in order to engage the immune system.  It’s a positive thing, but too much of it turns our hair white.  Our GST glutathione genes deal with this.  However iron, copper mercury, selenium and zinc also slow it down.  Any gene that is functioning too fast, or too slowly is not a good thing.

Soux, a gene relevant to sulphites is affected by arsenic and tungsten.  Sulphur sensitivity is on the increase, and question has to be, why?  Few people are aware that cysteine bonds are typically very reactive.  If the body is not breaking it down quickly then we can have too much sulphur and feel BAD!  Increased sulphur sensitivity can result just from chronic inflammation experienced for any of the following reasons; not sleeping well, fighting infections, having lots of heavy metals in the bod.  Cysteine then becomes cystine, but is damaging to all the systems of the body.

MTR, also relevant to methylation is slowed by lead, cadmium and aluminium, inhibiting the cycling of B12 and therefore  homocysteine.

Arsenic, found in apples, chicken, rice and many other foods slow down our body’s ability to produce ATP and therefore promotes mitochondrial dysfunction.

Pon1 is super significant too, as the challenge with glyphosates, barium, mercury, colbalt are all on the rise, slowing this gene down.

And of course there are cascades … eNos gene is always going to be dirtied by PEMT, MTHFR and a few others. Methioine synthase are slowed by a lot of common heavy metals, but then COMT is dirtied and so is MAOA.  GSTM1 is always affected and dirtied when any other gene is struggling.

The key here, is to draw a road map with multiple SNP’s.  Understanding the wider pictures will give you the advantage. And then, when you learn your genetic road map and can see that you are in the clear WITHOUT SNP’s in certain areas of health, remember that your genes can STILL ACT as if there are SNPs present, when genes are presented with the wrong environment. This is due to either a lack of co-factors and/or the presence of heavy metals.  So go by how you feel. Not just gene results!

Action steps; 
  • Look at your history in detail.  Think about where you have lived. Think about pollution, old lead piping.  Then take action to reduce the burdens.  Find the sources, then reduce or remove them.  Look to your air, environment, food, cosmetics and water first. The fact of the matter remains, if you don’t reduce or remove the current heavy metal burden your load will not be reduced.  And there will always be more.

Functional Medicine Tests to consider:  

Other effective methods for daily detox:

Read about how heavy metals can interfere with the glymphatic system and sleep

Read about the links between heavy metals, parasites and other organisms


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Hormones 101, go DUTCH

This month I would like to bring the fabulous DUTCH test into focus. acronym for; Dry Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones

If you think you have issues with chronic stress, that are affecting your hormones then this is the test for you to complete.  Like most private LAB tests it can be done in the privacy of your home, taking only minutes to complete.




The definition of STRESS is the down regulation of the HPA axis. Down-regulating the para-sympathetic nervous system, creating a dominant sympathetic response.

What happens when we get stressed? We release cortisol, taking 10 minutes to release, but then between 1-2 hour to break down.  This can vary however depending on the health of the individual, since the liver is involved within the process of breaking down cortisol when liver issues are present it can take 3-4 hours or even all day to break down.

Cortisol is then affected by the balance of all other hormones in your body. The Dutch test is a highly sensitive test, bringing all hormones into focus when considering your stress hormones.  See sample report above.

Cortisol is bound up by cortisol binding globulin transcortin.  Transcortin is very sensitive to estrogen.  Actually, all binding globulins are sensitive to estrogen.  Therefore, when a woman is on the contraceptive Pill, or has been on the Pill for some time, there is very good chance she is low in FREE cortisol, simply because it is all bound up to the binding globulins.

Free cortisol is less than 5% circulating, but in its active form.



DHEA, 80% is made in the adrenal glands 20% in the ovaries.

DHEAs is what is measured, however this is not the active form.  DHEA needs to un-S taking the S off to become the active form. This conversation is dependent on the SULT1A1 gene, therefore sulphonation plays a role.

DHEA is your master hormone, breaking down to the three estrogens.

If you’ve had your 23&Me interpreted, you can check to see the status of your SULT genes.

DHEA made in the brain protects the hippocampus from cortisol, therefore DHEA in the brain is a good thing.

Stress damages our hippocampus, affecting our short term memory, not good!


When we get too much free cortisol roaming the system, our receptor sensitivity stopping being so active. Adrenaline and cortisol end up circulating.  In this way chronic stress leads us into a rut, in which the wiring of our neural networks keeps us repeating the same dysfunctional behaviour.  Yet hoping for a different outcome! This by definition, is a form of insanity.

Adrenal Medulla

Other genes which are relevant to our stress response, mood and thinking are the COMT and MAOA. When these are running slow, you will not be breaking down catecholamines easily, and therefore do not break adrenaline down easily either. Check these genes if you are feeling stressed all day! Running slow means high amount of neurotransmitters are stored since you are not going to break down adrenaline or nora-adrenaline.  Rather, it can carry on ALL day.  Stressy, buzzy, tense.

All there needs to be present to impact this system significantly is infection, inflammation, food intolerance or a pile of house work building up to tip someone with slow genes to be tipped into over-whelm.

Cerebral cortex > CRH > anterior pituitary > ACTH > cortisol release > adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Our protective, survival mechanism is to shut down the parasympathetic nervous system and upregulate the sympathetic, now we are chronically in fight and flight! At this stage we are likely to get receptor sensitivity. We can liken this to ‘annoying kid syndrome’ which I use to called being ‘mummed’.  Mum, mum, mum .. for hours.  We then get hyper-sensitive, and cortisol goes up even further because we are not tolerating it.

On the other hand, if you are a super laid back person your COMT and/or MAOA may be running too quickly.  Feed the furnace with additional protein plus Tyrosine.

How do we break the cycle? 

Change the biochemistry through food and nutrient therapy and then also rewire your habits.

Two analogies work for me here:  First we need to dry up the riverbeds where ‘too much’ of a hormone / catecholamine / transmitter has been allowed to flood the system. Secondly, it takes a while for a worn-down path to grow grass again, where ‘not enough’ of the right hormone / catecholamine / transmitter has been present.

Stress and Fasting:

Clients like to bring in the option of fasting, believing that fasting will help to clear the system and take stress of the system.  Whilst this is true in cases where adrenal fatigue in NOT present, it is not true for those who do not have a robust HPA axis. Primarily cortisol manages blood sugar levels. Do not stress the system out even more by Fasting when adrenal dysregulation is present.


Cortisol is higher in the morning with the sun. When cortisol is high it supresses melatonin and growth hormone production.  Cortisol helps to fight infection via inflammation, think viruses, bacteria etc.  The pro-inflammatory cytokines stimulate the stress system releasing cortisol.

There is a real importance in this morning cortisol spike.  When auto-immune symptoms are presented then understanding your cortisol patterns is super important.  Low cortisol in the morning means that the auto-immune regulator does not happen.  Morning cortisol triggers those cells in the thymus who failed central tolerance to get destroyed.  What that means is, before immune cells get let out into the body, the thymus checks whether immune cells are auto-immune.  If cells are auto-immune, then the thymus pushes the cells off to the side and the thymes kill those cells.  Without the morning spike THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!, and auto-immune cells get let out into the system.

Therefore, if we are consuming foods which create a cortisol spike at night, or we are fighting infection at night, this supresses melatonin, which in turn stops us from sleeping.  Leads to a low cortisol spike in the morning with auto-immune flare-ups.  For this reason gluten and HHV6 will play more than one roll in creating auto-immune flare-ups.


When is it best time to test?

5-7 days after ovulation on days 19, 20, 21

If your cycles are long, then shift up. If your cycles are short, then shift down.

First, track your ovulation through temperature gauging or other symptoms.  Then count forward by 5-7 days and collect your urine.

Look at your Estrogens:

Dutch tests for Estrogens E1 E2 E3, which then go through the liver and get converted to Hydroxy 2, Hydroxy 4 or Hydroxy 16.

Each esterogen dominant pathway has key characteristics. Estrogen 4 hydroxy for instance goes down the quinone pathway, correcting to estrogen related cancers.

16 Hydroxy, the 2/16 ratio 2:16 can implicate estrogen proliferative symptoms such as moody, PMS, tender breasts and weight gain.

2 Hydroxy is the happy healthy way.

Estrogen in the right amount:

Good for > bone health

Good for > brain cognition

Good for > temperature regulation

Good for > collagen, tissue skin

Good for > fertility

When it’s decreased, we can face menopausal symptoms, skipping of cycles, low cholesterol even anorexia!

Too much estrogen, pre-disposed from either being on the contraceptive pill, environmental estrogens such as clingwrap, tap water (re-cycling of the hormone pill within the water system:

We can experience being over-weight, diabetes, increased risk of Alzheimer, PCOS.

Reduced hormones on the other hand can be as direct result from cholesterol reducing medication for instance. People seem to over-look that cholesterol makes up all our hormones.  When we lower cholesterol we also lower our testosterone, DHEA and Estrogens.

Other estrogen lowering activities:

Extreme exercise, marathon running, cross fit.

Frequent flying

Under appropriate body weight.

Head injuries.

Surgery, decreases the blood flow to the area as capillaries are damaged.

Sugar, gums up the works, diabetes and smoking.

Birth control pill reduces estrogen in the long term.

Look at your Progesterone:

Progesterone helps with anxiety and insomnia as well as lining of the uterus, as women loosing progesterone report anxiety and insomnia.

Alpha-pregnanediol goes down, usually goes up to GABA, supporting the glymphatic system during sleep.

A-pregnanediol typically converts into neuro-steroid ALLO, that crosses BBB (blood brain barrier) and can activate GABA a-receptors.

Progesterone in the brain is calming, supporting neurons, and is even used after traumatic brain surgery or after Stroke.

Progesterone enhances serotonin receptors in the brain, and reduces gall bladder activity. Conversely, higher estrogen increases the risk of gall bladder disease and stones.

Those on lots of NSAIDS will typically have low progesterone activity when used for more than 10 days.

Look at your Androgens:

DHEA: facial hair, acne.

Look at your FREE cortisol, verses stored cortisol:

Consider infections

Consider allergies

Consider food intolerances

Consider weight gain

Marker 8-hydroxy-2-deoguanosine (8OHdG):

Marker correlating to chronic inflammation, high stress, high cortisol, insomnia, hypertension, kidney disease, IBD, depression.

What do we do with the information?

Note where on the dials we are, which is the dominant. Are we triple estrogen dominant?

Depending on where your markers are, we may wish to support Phase 1 liver with P450 enzymes and DIM. Or Phase 2 Liver with SamE precursor or SamE if you wish to order it in from the US.  P%P, Mg, Choline, Methionine, Methyl groups TMG are all useful here.

Foods can be influential, but ONLY if stomach acid is good.  This will not be the case where P5P and/or TMG is warranted. Kale, broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts, artichoke, onions, foods high in FOS and fiber.

Support Glymphatic system for catecholamine clearance at night.

Support MAOA with SamE donations and methyl donors.

Support COMT with Mg chloride.

Support serotonin pathway.

Support dopamine pathway.

Harness the benefits of apoptogenic herbs.

Combat infections.

Temper exercise according to the dominant hormone, verses hormone insufficiency.

Support HPA axis with key nutrients; C, B5, Zn, Fe, Mg, Sel

Weight management.


Given the results of your DUTCH test, there are plentiful options to improve your health 

If you are interested in ordering this test with result interpretation you can email Anna directly.

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Heavy Metals and the Glymphatic System

Heavy Metals and the Glymphatic System

Are we only as healthy as … How Well We Eliminate Waste … from our bodies?

Detoxification is critical to the success or every healing program.  Since we are bombard by environmental intoxicants 24/7 both from inside our homes, to the products we lather onto our skin, the food we eat and the air wer breath. Our bodies play host to an accumulation of herbicides, heavy metals, xeno-estrogens, all of which can be a big part in why those with chronic health issues are chronically ill. 

What I and other other nutritionists/naturopathic physicians have found, is the strong correlation between those who are most sick and those who have had the most significant exposures, and are unable to detoxify so well.

Therefore, I believe educating ourselves about environmental toxins is critical.  And this can then translate into making better choices for our health, the health of our families, and it helps our planet also. Why? Because the substances that are hurting our bodies, by and large affect our planet through climate change too. 

I consider toxins to be the number underlying causes of chronic diseases today, but sadly the doctors are NOT looking for this. You can down load my Environmental Detox Guide Here

It is my firm belief that when people are sick there is ALWAYS an underlying rout cause.

Heavy metals and the brain: 

We also have a great deal of science and strong correlation between the toxic loading of certain heavy metals and neuro-degenerative diseases.  Therefore keeping our brains as well as bodies free from toxic levels of heavy metals is paramount when supporting neurological health 

It’s hard to know exactly what heavy metal content exists within each of our brains unless we discect the actual brain after passing.  However we are able to measure heavy metal burden released into urine when challenged by a sulphur donation agent.   Signifying theoretical total body burden in terms of reasonnable or unreasonable levels excreted via this drainage pathway when challenged.  (The DMSA Challenge Test has been mentioned within a previous post.) 

But firstly let’s talk about the Glymphatic System and what we do know about how this protects our brain. The glymphatic system was only recently discovered within the University of Virginia in the US.

What is the Glymphatic System?

The Glymphatic System clears metabolic waste from the brain.  It does this at night during the hours when we are asleep.   First the brain shrinks by 60% of its size in order to make room for the flow of the lymph (Glymphatic System) around it. 

Lymph flows along the arteries, bathing our neurons with nutrients whilst removing metabolic waste and then flows along the veins before exiting.  A vital system for health which is protected by good amounts of sleep each night.  

Unfortunately, not everyone has a healthy functioning Gymphatic System. As it is easily compromised when challendged by toxicity such as heavy metals, but brain injuries can also damage this system. 

Clearly a damaged Glymphatic System can become a chicken and egg scenario, since heavy metals damage the Glymphatic System, which in turn a compromises our ability to detoxify heavy metals.

If an individual is predisposed to carrying an increased toxicity load of heavy metals, predisposed by their genetic make up, and then experiences a brain injury this can be very tough situation indeed.  When this set up arises, every attempt to live a clean life, integrating detoxification techniques on a regular basis with good quality sleep also critical to this cleansing system.  Since we know that brain injuries incur an increased risk of neurological issues.


We know that lead can be stored in the bone, as lead diametrically opposes calcium and therefore increments bone loss (post to follow), but it also interferes in our GABA production too.  As a result, a chemical known as Amyloid Beta accumulates when the Glymphatic system is not working well, causing incremental neuro-degeneration.

GABA regulates how well the lymph can flow in and out of the brain.  Therefore it is critical to our cleansing system.


Exposure to mercury in the mouth also has negative effects upon the Glymphatic system. Over time the vapour gets taken up into the brain from the mouth.  There is a retrograde affect as it gets into the nerves, and then to the brain, damaging astrocites.  This can be an appaulling insult to the Glymphatic system and its optimal functioning.


When facing toxicity challenges sleep becomes all the more important. Sleep is therefore paramount in terms of reducing susceptibility to all neuro-degenerative conditions.   We absolutely need sleep in order for this system to work. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, secreted to help us have restful deep sleep. But it also helps to cleanse our brains. I love to take a slow releaseing or sub-lingual form of melatonin before I sleep.  It is a neuro protective anti-oxidant clearing mercury, lead, viruses etc from the brain.


Taking a step back, think about why we may have reduced melatonin?

Legally, we are not allowed to sell / buy melatonin in the UK, therefore a part from purchasing it from our US friends over-seas, let’s look at what else can we do to support our melatonin levels naturally. 

Our love of technology exposes us to un-natural amounts of blue light from our phones and ipads, laptops etc.  Blue light is the same at sunlight, which inhibits melatonin production. 

Realistically, we need to minimise blue-light once the sun goes down.  To support this there are screensavers with blue light blocker, and amber glasses which also block out blue-light.  By reducing blue-light after sun-down we are naturallly supporting our bodies to produce melatonin in the way it is meant to.

Melatonin in a pill

Melatonin in pill form, is sold readily in the US, but as mentioned not legally in the UK.  There are brands however that will ship over-seas. Source Naturals and Allergy Research for instance.

Pills will need to be processed by the liver and the digestive tract before it is absorbed.  Which works for some people, but for those who are sick this is not ideal, since they typically have compromised digestion.

Liposomal melatonin is bound up with phosphotidyl choline. Phos choline is an essential fat that our brains are made up of.  Therefore this is the perfect delivery system, we can harness this to get melatonin into our system and therefore brain more readily.

Setting the Bedroom Environment:

  • The bedroom should ideally be EMF free. Meaning that all electronics need to be outside the bedroom.
  • Install Black out blinds or shutters.
  • Keep the bedroom free from glues, hairsprays, and hormone altering chemicals

Consider using Liposomal GABA and Liposomal Melatonin prior to sleeping, to support Glymphatic cleansing.

The Anti-Diuretic-Hormone (ADH): 

Those with a high mercury content in the their bodies often have ADH (90%).  Which can be lowered easily with a drug provided from your GP.  Although I am not a huge fan of pharmacology, there is place for using some drugs in the short term.

Those with high levels of ADH wake up in need of pee.  The second point is to address electrolytes. Recommended products for this: E-Lyte from Allergy Research, Ocean 72 from Concentrace, and Crystal Energy from Patrick Flanigan.

Then, take a look at what is down-steam from the brain.  Do you get chronic sinusitis? And/or tonsillitis? There may have been a history of chronic Strepp?

When tonsils are removed, this leaves scars, causing stress on the nerve centre which is the Superior Sympathetic Ganglian.  The Superior Sympathetic Ganglian regulates blood flow to the pineal. Which if scarred can lead to chronic insomnia due to an interruption of blood flow both to and from the brain.

Taking it one step further: 

It is one thing to identify whether you have a heavy metal burden, but quite another to be Sensitive to Heavy Metals!’

This can happen too!

Our immune systems are now literally reacting to heavy metals. What this means is that not only our total body burden is an issue, but that our immune system now reacts to even the tinniest amount.  We are now hyper-sensitive to metals and therefore have an allergy.

This is a type 4 allergic reaction. When T-Lymphocites recognise and allergenic molecule in our system causing inflammation.

Common metal allergens are nickel, gold, mercury and titanium.  Typically those who are allergic to nickel cannot wear it within their jewelry.  Nickel is within a lot of dental work, usually the origin of such an allergy.

There is various testing that can be completed to assess allergenic responses to metals.  I prefer to use Cyrex Array 11  Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen.

I hope you have found this post useful! Please share if you have friend would find the content of interest too!




Of course there are forces we are never going to be able to control, and even when we do do everything right there are still some people with a greater number of SNP’s and therefore higher level of biochemical over-whelm in the face of the toxic soup existing within our environments today.

As one of those people this is why I advocate detoxification as a lifestyle, because of what we are up against. I advocate detoxification in healthy children as well as the sick one.

Things you can do however are to watch, monitor and parent control your choices.

Think again before you buy that New-Build Home, or completely re-paint, re-carpet the nursery or your home.

Think again before you choose tuna fish sandwiches re mercury or rice reference to arsenic. or too much cheese that may be processed using aluminium.

Think again before you eat the trans fats, chips, biscuits, non-organic foods.

With my children I like to use the 80/20 rule. Where 80% of the time I am on-it, super clean. Then 20% of the time I let it go a bit.  However, when working with  child who already has a chronic health condition then it is important to be more rigorous, and closer to 100%, but understand that this type of application is not forever.

Looking at other sources of toxic exposure

Re-consider vaccines, and consider what else has been put into the vaccines that we give our children.  There may not be the thimerosal, the mercury preservative, but they are going to still be filled with aluminium, and perhaps other virus contaminants. Glyphosate has also been found in vaccines too.

I consider glyphosate to be a number one offender, Roundup on our crops, in our air.  Glyphosate has been patented as an antibiotic, which will perpetuate dysbiosis and leaky gut.  Glyphosate has also been found in baby formulas and baby foods. 

The key thing is to be mindful that anything we are putting into our baby’s tummies are organic.

Understanding that the first three years of a child’s life is the most critical.  It is during this time when the infant’s gut has not yet sealed over that the focus must be on CLEAN.  It is during this critical time the infant’s microbiome is going to be set and established, beyond which it is exceedingly difficult to change. The infants gut microbiome then sets the stage for a healthy immune system, healthy immune response to chronic infections, healthy detoxification capabilities, and a healthy nervous system.  So, if we want to have healthy children, we must protect the infants microbiome from the very beginning. 

Think clean. The water the infant drinks should be filtered.  Unfiltered water is a source of heavy metals, microbes, hormones, medications! Consider getting your water tested.  Our water was too high in lead and other toxic compounds so we double filter our water, once at the point of entry into the house, and again through a drinking tap in the kitchen. 

EMF’S (Electromagnetic frequencies).  Our children are exposed from time they are in the womb, when mum’s are on their mobile or chordless phones, when on the laptop, in a house with wifi, sleeping with wifi on.  Mums often give their mobile phones to babies to keep them quiet.  I was guilty of completing my course-work when re-training in nutritional studies all the while with baby in sling! Secondary school children all have mobile phones, schools encourage classwork to be completed on laptops and ipads.


Sleep needs to be high up on the agenda, since it is melatonin, which is synthesised from seratonin during the sleeping hours, that clean the brain from toxic compounds.  The system responsible for detoxifying the brain is called the glymphatic system, bathes the brain and critical for detoxifying the nervous system. This is supported through sleep.

Other considerations should be getting out in nature and exercise. 

Emotional Toxicity

Toxicity exposure also extends to emotional toxicity too. The Emotional Freedom Technique is one tool that can considerably lower the emotional burden and residual toxic thoughts from almost any negative experience encountered.  Social media, pressure at school, negative family experiences. Klinghardt talks about the Detoxification Axiom, referring to unresolved psycho-emotional conflict or trauma, and the equivalent of stored toxins or pathogenic like microorganisms.  Therefore in order to successfully  detoxify the body, we must address not only heavy metals and infections but also the emotions. 

Remove ANYTHING that is inf-lamming the gut

We do not need to be solely focused on allergies.  And therefore when a true allergy is NOT present then we think it automatically implies it’s OK to include the food, or ingest substance (pesticide, E#). However we should be extending this out to anything and everything that may create gut inflammation, and therefore lead to dysbiosis. This includes sugar.  All refined sugars cause inflammation as well as feed parasites and unwanted microbes.  So take out the fuel for these microbes and replace the digestive tract with enzymes and hydrochloric acid.  And then repair the gut if necessary, including vital nutrients such as zinc and essential fatty acids as DHA, even re-inoculation of the GI tract with good bacteria. 


With children we do not necessarily want to do aggressive types of detoxification or chelation when we actually don’t know what we’re trying to remove.  

Testing first is important, but again we can start slow and then progress to more in-depth testing later down the line. 

Start with the Oraganic Acid Test from Genova called Optimal Nutritional Evaluation, providing a really good insight into how well the child is detoxifying. What their mitochondrial stressors are like and what their methylation status is like and oxidative stress measurements too. From this we can know whether the child is a good detoxifier or not. When issues are present, then investigation into the genetic SNP’s would then be a good idea.  Another very good test is the Porphrins test, again by Genova. When high porphrins are present we know the child is excreting toxins or perhaps has a level of chronic fatigue due to ADP excretion. Further testing for heavy metals can be done in a number of ways but my preferred way is within the urine, using a challenge agent.  Challenge agents are something with a lot of sulphur in it.  DMSA was the challenge agent of choice until is was made illegal to use within nutritional practices in the UK only a few years ago.  MSM, or even lots of coriander can be used to challenge heavy metals and liberate HM from stored tissues.