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What is Chronic Fatigue? Part 5: The Nervous System, Re-Wired for Stress

There is a vicious cycle within Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where-by long-term chronic stress can be the main determiner to our stress thresh-hold in the long-term. This is neuro-plastisity, meaning changeable.  Simply put our nervous systems are capable of forming new pathways for better of for worse.  Neuro-plasticity means our brains respond to stimulation, which over time, literally changes […]

What is Chronic Fatigue? Part 4: Possible causative factors of Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is understood in clinical terms to be a stress related condition under-pined by multiple stressors experienced by the nervous system on multiple levels.  Multiple causative triggers can combine to re-kindle (re-wire) the nervous system to an increased propensity to stress sensitivity. Triggers can be experienced on the emotional, mental, physical, biological, electrical, […]

What is Chronic Fatigue? Part 3: The Role of Mitochondria and ATP

Within the Chronic Fatigue Picture it helps to know WHERE and HOW we create energy. Mitochondria are rod-shaped organelles that can be considered the power generators of the cell, converting oxygen and nutrients into a substance known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP). ATP is the chemical energy “currency” of the cell that powers the cell’s metabolic activities. […]

What is Chronic Fatigue? Part 2: Multiple systems under-functioning

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a notoriously tricky illness to pin-down.  Since CFS related health-issues tend to be serious to the degree that it can be life altering, but they are usually not so serious that they become a classified disease like heart disease.  This is not only confusing to the sufferer, but immensely frustrating too since […]

What is Chronic Fatigue? Part 1: Definition and complex adaptive systems.

Chronic Fatigue, otherwise known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), is a harrowing and debilitating condition, with no differential diagnosis in medical terms.  Diagnosis is exclusion based only, therefore other conditions similar by experience and presentation of symptoms, must first be eliminated. To receive the diagnosis of CFS/ME other possibilities such as cancer, liver disease, heart disease, auto immune condition must […]